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The Worlds of Wood Building Contest was a Wood-themed contest which began on March 31, 2009, and ended on April 17, 2009. The goal of this contest was to build wood-based places by using the newly added wood texture.[1]

Entrance Procedure

The Deadline was on April 6th at 9 AM, participants had to put "worldsofwood" in the place name. The place did not have to be 100% wood but the wood should look nice and be part of the places team. The counting of the place visits would occur on April 6 until April 13.

Winners and Rewards

Top 10 winners in terms of visits

The Top 10 winners were rewarded with The Wanwood Crown a type of wood texture which is exclusive to the winners, they also were rewarded with the Helm of the Great Tree.[2]

Top 100 winners in alphabetical order

This is the complete list of the Top 100 winners, click the expand button to view the winners.

ace957 Antsunator b2bhp billybobjoethe3 BL00XER BLOX31 Bman44 Bobbysayhi Chinchowy CJ213 claymore93 co0lkid7 Coachsam Conkers conqueror99 croc2croc cupcakescankill Darkrai980 davin315 Defaultio dennisvdz destroyer693 donnov15 DrewsomeB EegSalad fbrleude Freshbakedpie FudgeBaller furnace Ganondude gerbil2 gergy008 Havemeat HAX3R HIDESEEK HoppyDude hoshpup IceEclipse Janco1996 jaredvaldez2 Joeyman123 johnmae60 jonopeo jumper87 justice5150 kaiiak Kanaju killer1181 killerguy111 lake8 legoskull lol094 MarioMario54321 MASTERCARL91 mathchamp Mattomattic Mattydeepfire MercedesBlox MICKEY202 mrgboard mrstupidface mustyoshi Narutoworl ninja555333 NintendoZACHERY OOBLEJUB Phyco Playrobot Ravenshield runescape12345 Ryanblaze RyanTheGreat said603 SanDiego619 shockwavez Shootingraw2 SinisterAlex smokenchicken Snake19 Soleg spaceman1001 speedyfox99 starwars611 TecmagDiams Thales TheAmazeman trappingnoobs Tribefan212 Twinmold undertaker49 Underworldruler Uploader vya37 Whalin xok yankinyoda YoYoBoy1539 zacharywill Zecxx zshakoblah



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  • Every single user who had the title "worldsofwood" or "Worldofwood" in their place title were rewarded with a Treehugger Visor. 12,000 of these visors were given away.