X-101st Legion Main Army, better known as simply X-101st, was one of the first mega-clans on Roblox. It was originally founded in 2008 (before the existence of groups) by lordnathan. It is commonly seen with a legendary status among the war group community.


The creation of X-101st is rooted in lordnathan's interest in military tycoons, which later sparked his interest in the Roblox military scene. He later met Carmcycle, who mislead lordnathan about his ownership of a clan called 101st airborne. Carmcycle would only allow lordnathan to use the name of his fabricated clan if he was given co-ownership of the merger between lordnathan's new clan and Carmcycle's fabricated clan.

Due to disagreements between lordnathan and Carmcycle about the leading ranks, lordnathan left 101st airborne and created X-101st Airborne along with a few ex-members of 101st airborne. The name would soon change to X-101st Legion, due to the name sounding "catchier" than the former name.

When the groups feature was first released on Roblox, an unknown user took the name "X-101st", causing lordnathan to create The True X-101st Legion. An unknown user would later give the "X-101st" group to lordnathan on an unknown date; at that point, the group had been turned into a fan group for the war group. At some point, all members in the "X-101st" group were purged, and members were asked to join the group that the clan is currently held at.

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