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Witching Hour is a horror-themed luck-based survival game by Yellow Gearworks. During each round, random events will attempt to eliminate players until there is one remaining. It is based on DylanBuildar's Plates of Fate: Classic and Plates of Fate: Mayhem.


Events are obstacles that occur in the game that can either aid a player in winning or end with a playery losing.

  • AIRDROP! - Airdrops are boxes that drop on the center of a player's plate. When clicked on, the player is given one of many possible items such as nails, a bomb, a dagger, a medkit, a pact tool, pact Scissors, a klub, a rok, a teleport tool or a revolver.
  • Trees - There is a chance that during an event, trees can grow on a player's plate, which players can jump on top of. Trees can be removed with Klubs.
  • Healing Orb - There is a chance that a healing orb will spawn near a player's plate, which heals their character if they stand near it.
  • Glare - The Glare is a harmful event in which if it is in a player's view, it will damage their character. The only ways a player can avoid this is to use glare shades or by looking away.
  • A Sense of Impending Doom - This event turns a player's plate a neon magenta, and in 80 seconds, that plate will begin to disappear. This is unavoidable and the only way to survive is to either teleport or jump onto another player's plate.
  • Frozen Plate - This event turns a player's plate to ice, in which players can slide around on.
  • Nailed - This event attaches a player with a rope to a nail in the center of their plate. The player can still move around, but to a limited extent. They can be freed by another player clicking on the nail.
  • Fire - An event in which a player's plate sets fire and deals damage. The only ways to combat this is rain, teleporting, or jumping on another player's plate.
  • Encaged - This event places a cage around a player's plate. It's the size of the starting plot.
  • Deadly Beams - Deadly beams spawn around the border of the map. They close into the center of the map and back out to the border. Beams come at each player twice, and the only ways to combat them are to jump or to stand on a nail on their plate.
  • Raining Nails - The Raining Nails event can either happen to a specific player, or happen to the whole map. It rains both regular nails and golden nails. Golden nails reward with the currency of Nails, and regular nails damage their player.
  • Rain - Rain is a friendly event in which it extinguishes any fire set to a player's plate.
  • Ferrets are Raining From The Sky! - During this event, white ferrets will rain from the sky, which if the player walks over them, they can carry one on their shoulder. It's generally a harmless event, and players can get a golden ferret in their inventory.