YouTube celebrities, commonly referred to as YouTubers, are a class of Internet celebrity and videographers who have gained popularity from their videos on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

The popularity of Roblox has led to some YouTube celebrities focusing their channel on it, and today many of them have become well-known content creators both in the Roblox community and on YouTube itself.

Regularly, ROBLOX in 2018 started the star program, where most of these YouTubers have joined.

List of Youtube celebrities

List of Roblox-centered Youtube celebrities

Here is a list of all well-known YouTube celebrities who primarily upload Roblox or have based their channel around it. Note that some of these YouTube celebrities may contain profanity within their videos.

10M+ Subscribers

5M–9M Subscribers

1M–4M Subscribers

500K-999K Subscribers

100K–499K Subscribers

10K–99K Subscribers

List of Roblox developers with YouTube channels

These are the YouTube channels of well-known developers that create places on the Roblox website.

60K-150K Subscribers

10K-59K Subscribers

5K-9.9K Subscribers

List of non-Roblox YouTubers

These YouTubers do not upload regular content covering the Roblox platform but are known to have made some videos using it as the topic.

90M+ Subscribers

20M+ Subscribers

1M-10M Subscribers

100K–999K Subscribers

Under 100k Subscribers

  • david92232(david92232)



There are many clickbait [1] YouTube celebrities that spread false rumours and scam younger Robloxians. An example would be the John Doe March 18 rumour, spread very fast by "clickbait" YouTube celebrities such as Tofuu.

It is common for these clickbait YouTube celebrities to make videos that often have titles and thumbnails that allude to something that is not in the video. These people earn a lot of money from this practice, Kazok making up to $89.8K yearly, with Dragod earning over $100K yearly. Some of the more common clickbait practices were ones related to events such as Ready Player One after fewer and fewer people began falling for hacking rumours.


Despite the downfall of many Roblox clickbait channels, Xonnek, who became popular after Spanish speakers flooded popular games around 2015-2016, has seemingly "revived" the clickbait trend in Spanish-speaking Roblox circles. Xonnek has also been called out for stealing thumbnails and titles, translating them into Spanish while sending fans to dislike bomb criticism videos, taking advantage of their non-fluency in English so that they can't understand the "content theft" and "clickbait" sides of Xonnek. To counter this, several discussion and rant YouTube celebrities have translated their videos regarding Xonnek into Spanish. Despite Xonnek being terminated in September 2018, various other foreign YouTube celebrities have used similar strategies to him (that is, stealing content and translating it for young and monolingual audiences) when it comes to content "creation".


On the other hand, other 'rant' YouTube celebrities like Roblox Minigunner have also received criticism for other rumours. One was the "Roblox doesn't ban ODers because they buy Robux rumour". This rumour has not been proven or disproven. However, online dating is against the rules of Roblox.[2] The 'reports not working' rumour has also not been proven or disproven, though some have created 'experiments' to attempt to prove or disprove the rumour.

Some of these have unfavourable members of their fanbases, raiding Discord servers belonging to Roblox admins, spamming things on the forums, and generally being a nuisance to players. Some of these YouTubers also advertise a free Robux website which is against the Roblox TOS.


There are many controversial YouTube celebrities that are controversial for other reasons, such as InquisitorMaster. InquisitorMaster has been criticised for 'online dating' in her videos and for scamming RAP on Roblox. Some YouTubers such as DanTDM and Denis have been met with some criticism for their hand in helping lower quality games become more popular.

ROBLOX Star Creators Program

Main article: Roblox Video Stars


  1. A "clickbait" video is basically a video that has an interesting title or thumbnail (such as "I found the FREE ROBUX chest in JAILBREAK"), but the actual video is a gameplay video of that specific game. A good example of this is Xonnex. More information on Wikipedia.
  2. (Section 8)

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