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YouTube celebrities, commonly referred to as YouTubers, are a class of Internet celebrity and videographers who have gained popularity from their videos on the video-sharing platform YouTube.

The popularity of Roblox has led to some YouTube celebrities focusing their channel on the game, and today many of them have become well-known content creators both in the Roblox community and on YouTube itself. Certain creators have also become part of the Roblox Video Stars Program.

List of YouTube celebrities

List of Roblox-centered YouTube celebrities

This is a list of well-known YouTube celebrities who primarily upload Roblox as a main focus, ordered from greatest to least subscribers.

Note that some listed YouTube celebrities may contain profanity or promotion of actions that violate the Roblox Terms and Conditions within their videos.

10M+ subscribers

5M–9M subscribers

1M–4M subscribers

500K–999K subscribers

100K–499K subscribers

List of Roblox developers with YouTube channels

This is a list of Roblox experience developers with well-known YouTube channels, ordered from greatest to least subscribers.

1M+ subscribers

100K–999K subscribers

10K–99K subscribers



There are many clickbait[1] YouTube celebrities that spread false rumors and scam younger Roblox users. An example is the John Doe rumor, spreading rapidly by "clickbait" YouTube celebrities.

It is common for clickbait YouTube celebrities to make videos that often have titles and thumbnails that allude to something that is not in the video, or barely mentioned within the video. Some of the more common clickbait practices were ones related to events like Ready Player One after fewer people began falling for the hacking rumors.

Other YouTubers resorted to making up false stories about other popular YouTubers. A notorious example is RealMatt, who made a series of videos claiming Flamingo was dying.


  1. A "clickbait" video is one with an interesting title or thumbnail (such as "I found a FREE ROBUX chest in ADOPT ME?!"), baiting the user to click, but the event as described by the title or thumbnail does not happen in the actual video.