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Zara Larsson Dance Party was a virtual concert event on Roblox. It is sponsored by pop singer Zara Larsson to promote the deluxe version of her recent album Poster Girl. The event game opened on May 18, 2021, and included a variety of activities for players to do before the show started, including a trivia quiz and a scavenger hunt. The first concert was held on May 21, 2021.


Name Image Creator/Group
Zara Larsson Dance Party
Zara Thumbnail.png
Sony Music

Avatar Shop items

Name Image Price
Sleepy Pajama Top - Zara Larsson
Sleepy Pajama Top - Zara Larsson.png
Sleepy Pajama Pants - Zara Larsson
Sleepy Pajama Pants - Zara Larsson.png
Poster Girl Record - Zara Larsson
Poster Girl Record - Zara Larsson.png
ZZZ Headband - Zara Larsson
ZZZ Headband - Zara Larsson.png
White Summer Hat - Zara Larsson
White Summer Hat - Zara Larsson.png
70 Robux
Flower Crown - Zara Larsson
Flower Crown - Zara Larsson.png
70 Robux
Classic ZL Hat - Zara Larsson
Classic ZL Hat - Zara Larsson.png
60 Robux
Flower Hair - Zara Larsson
Flower Hair - Zara Larsson.png
90 Robux
Messy Bun Hair - Zara Larsson
Messy Bun Hair - Zara Larsson.png
80 Robux
Rose Gold Sunglasses - Zara Larsson
Rose Gold Sunglasses - Zara Larsson.png
65 Robux
ZL Mask - Zara Larsson
ZL Mask - Zara Larsson.png
70 Robux
ZL Backpack - Zara Larsson
ZL Backpack - Zara Larsson.png
120 Robux
Hips Poppin' - Zara Larsson
Hips Poppin' - Zara Larsson Icon 2.png
170 Robux
Take Me Under - Zara Larsson
Take Me Under - Zara Larsson Icon 2.png
150 Robux
It Ain't My Fault - Zara Larsson
It Ain't My Fault - Zara Larsson Icon 2.png
190 Robux
Zara Larsson
Zara Larsson.png
400 Robux

Set List


During the pre-show, Zara Larsson was communicating with concertgoers through a global chat system. While talking about rhubarbs, she casually dropped an f-bomb. It went unfiltered in the global chat. As swearing is against the Roblox Terms of Service, this came as a shock to many viewers. After swearing for a second time in chat, Larsson apologized. She stated that she was unaware her messages were not subjected to the filter. This led others to point out the inconsistencies and inconveniences regarding Roblox moderation.

The so-called "Rhubarb incident" immediately became sensationalized and was subjected to jokes from the Roblox community, arguably overshadowing the musical performances themselves as the defining highlight of the show. Larsson then went on to poke fun at the moment; retweeting Bloxy News' post and eventually posting a photo of herself to Twitter and Instagram while referencing rhubarbs. For her return to Roblox that November, Larsson published multiple accessories for the Avatar Shop, which included the Rhubarb Peacock.[1][2]


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  • copuni modeled and textured the avatar shop items for this event.[3] They also modeled and textured the pigs in the game.
  • There are several pigs wandering around the buildings throughout the map. This is because Zara Larsson's favorite animals are pigs.[4]
  • Interestingly, none of the songs from Poster Girl that were released as singles were performed for the concert.