2010 Roblox Zombies.

Zombies are CPU (Computer Processing Unit) controlled Robloxians or user/player controlled zombies. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, although the default is bright green and brown. Some are zombie kings which are very big. Some zombies may have a red body to represent fire or a blue body to represent water or ice, or even different colors to represent other elements, specifically in Build-to-Survive games and old zombie survival games. All NPC (Not controlled by the player) zombies, if they are not used for decoration or as props, have one objective that is programmed with their scripting: to kill and/or infect players. The zombie kills players by continually touching them, which damages the player's health until the user dies or runs away to the point that the zombie cannot detect the player. However, when player-controlled zombies became popular, players have been able to enjoy zombies that have strategies to successfully infect and/or kill players and also do not just try to run through walls to get to human players.  Many players can identify typical zombies because their normally green skin makes them slightly stand out among some environments. Also, their arms wave in one direction in unison (at the same time. However, the arm-swinging in sync glitch only happens sometimes due to more advanced scripting). Zombies can touch human players and turn their skin green, which in turn converts the infected player into another zombie. The player can change them and use other decals on them by going to Roblox studio, going into the zombie's properties, and apply said decal(s).


Zombies have had some influences in ROBLOX history and have been wandering around ROBLOXia since 2007.


One of the first zombie games was The Undead Coming v1.3, by Stealth Pilot. The objective of the game was for human players to survive the zombies. Most of the zombies were programmed AI, and they were programmed to infect. The place, sadly, suffered from many bugs and is now considered broken.


Reason 2 Die, by PlaceRebuilder, which was made in April 2008, was a very popular zombie game at its time, having reached over 1 million place visits. This game featured various zombie types, but the game was based on the real-life popular zombie first-person shooter series made by Valve , Left 4 Dead. Last 1 Alive, by orange451, which was made five months after that, are also based on Left 4 Dead. Unlike Reason 2 Die, though, it had a variety of game types. Another Roblox user named Shaakra created a popular place Zombie Defense, which now has over 1 million visits as well. Zombocalypse, yet another zombie game that is made by JordanBenyon, was also a popular one, too. It featured excellent AI for zombies. Soon, due to the success of the game, a sequel called Zombocalypse2 was started. Survive the Zombie Plague, a not so popular game, was developed by TheAmazeman, who is famous for the games ROBLOX Titanic, Survive the End of ROBLOX, and ROBLOX Hiking. Shaakra's Zombie Defense was also created in 2008 and was very popular among many players at its time.


The Last 1 Alive 2 sequel to Last 1 Alive was started to be worked on. Zombies were more advanced now than in 2007.

TheAmazeman, in late 2009, had created another zombie infection, but for his place, Survive the End of the World. Unfortunately, the game came to an end, due to the large presence of glitches.

Around the end of the year, a user named hoshpup created the then-not-popular Outbreak Survival. Later on, in July 2012, the game suddenly was boosted with over 150 players and has been that way since, though the game currently has barely any players playing the game at the recent time.


Zombocalypse2 was finished, and became very popular, just like the first one. It featured more advanced GUIs, tools, and scripting. By now, Last 1 Alive and Shaakra's Zombie Defence Tycoon were no longer known as the most epic zombie games by many players. Reason 2 Die, however, continued to be one of the most popular zombie games in ROBLOX, as well as Zombocalypse2, and although not as well known, Shaakra's Zombie Defense Tycoon made it to the top 3 most favorited games on ROBLOX.


ROBLOX updates had caused many of the zombies to often lose their arms and legs. Some users have made many workarounds to solve the problem, such as welding the limbs to the body. This, however, costs the zombie its famous zombie animation. Welding the limbs, however, creates a classic Roblox effect (in classic Roblox, limbs were welded). 

Games such as Zombie Apocalypse 3 and Survive a Camp With Jason became famous.

Orange451 rescripted his game Last 1 Alive , after being broken by Roblox updates for 2 years. It still features all of the classic guns, zombies, and game modes from 2008, just in a better and more stable build.

Another Last 1 Alive was created by a currently banned user, XxXSpamaniXxX. This Last 1 Alive quickly became very popular soon after its release and featured many Reason 2 Die maps. Apparently, this game was a re-made version of Reason 2 Die. Last 1 Alive is still working but is not very popular among many players anymore.

In May of 2011, Jaredvaldez4, an infamous game stealer, created a copy of The Undead Coming called The Infection. It features many deceiving thumbnail pictures of it to hide its true nature of copying, but when players visit it, many would often realize it's a copy. Despite many players avoiding the game due to its copied nature, the game quickly became "popular", as many players often fall prey to the trick and therefore visit the game, due to thinking of it as an original game.


Sometime in July 2012, one day, hoshpup's Outbreak Survival becomes very popular, pounding the game with over 150 players online. Since its peak in popularity, the game's visits rose from around 35,000 visits when its popularity first came, to over 423,000 visits as of today.

Another zombie survival game called Apocalypse Rising, which was created by Gusmanak, rose to fame and became very famous among many players, having earned over 2,123,000 visits as of September 15, 2012.


On January 1, 2013, an account named DeadzoneZackZak, who is the alternate account of a user with the name ZackZak, created an open-world zombie survival game named Deadzone that eventually became very popular in the recent times, enough to be able to compete with Gusmanak's Apocalypse Rising as an open-world zombie survival game. Unlike Apocalypse Rising, which was inspired by the popular 2012 open-world zombie survival game DayZ, the game is inspired by the 2012 multiplayer game that is based on DayZ called Infestation: Survivor Stories (formerly named The WarZ). Up to this day, the game has garnered over 5 million visits.


On May 28, 2014, a user named Cracky4, who is known for his popular game, Ice Breaker, created a story based zombie game based on Contamination and Reason 4 Life called "Defenders of Roblox!" The game then received lots of attention, and eventually popped up on the front page once. The game was still in development until somewhere between 2014-2017 where it became finished.


ROBLOX has created many hats which are hats that are pertaining to zombies. One example of a zombie hat is a zombie's head called Putrid Patrick. Another example of a zombie hat is Zombie Chow. Many players took hats created by Roblox that were pertaining to zombies and used them for their own zombies.

ROBLOX made a package that is based on a zombie's body in October 28, 2010. Many users have used said package for their places so that they highly resemble a zombie.

Many T-shirts and shirts are made by many users to resemble zombies, from zombies that come from many video games to original ROBLOX zombies. ROBLOX zombies can infect players (only if you can get a model of it or if you script your own infecting zombie.)

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